Sailing in Porto Venere, Ligurian sea

June 2016

Three days searching strong wind and clear water

With some friends we went to sail the beautiful sea in front of Portovenere and the Gulf of La Spezia, Italy.
In boat with us our Pimp My Towel microfiber towels.

Power Towel sailing in Porto Venere - Pimp My Towel

Some friends went sailing on the beautiful sea between Portovenere and the Gulf of La Spezia, Italy. On the boat they brought “Pimp My Towel” microfiber towels.

For three days we followed the wind with Sagi, a beautiful sailing boat, 10 meters long.

We had been very lucky. Thanks to the sun, the good weather and some wind, we had spent a great weekend.

During these days we tried the towels by Pimp My Towel and we were impressed.

They are very lightweight and take up little space in our bag, already filled with all the staff for the sea.

Above all we were surprised by their absorbent property. After swimming we passed the towel on our body and we dry ourselves very quickly. But also the towel was immediately dry.

Just towels laid on vang or on the rudder! And they are so nice and fashion too!

Very satisfied. Good wind.

Laura, Matteo, Alessandro.

Our towels are perfect for sailing: lightweight, dry quickly, small size
Portofino towel aboard the sailing boat
Sailing in Portovenere
Our towels are ideal for the sailing travel: dry quickly and liteweight.
The towels dry very very quickly.
Sailing on Cinque Terre: beautiful italian area.


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Make towels with your graphics, logo or photograph. One for all or to each his own.

A nice souvenir of your adventure and really useful! A touch of class.

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